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Identify, honor, release and replace limiting beliefs with Inspired Empowering Wisdom.

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Energy Healing Professional

Hey there! I am Joy and I'm pleased to meet you.

Are you living your best and happiest life? Are you the best version of yourself, or as I like to say, Joyful Optimal You? Or do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck? Do you know what holds you back and keeps you stuck? Every thought and emotion is energy, and energy either flows or stagnates. Unresolved emotions, repetitive negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs cause stagnant and stuck energy which manifests as stress and disease in the body. This stuck energy transmits a low vibrational signal that attracts like energy to it. 


"Pain that is not transformed will always be transmitted."—Richard Rohr 


I specialize in assisting clients to find and identify their specific energy blockages. These blockages may be conscious or subconscious: traumas, thought forms, emotions, memories, programs, energy patterns, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve. Would you be willing to let go of what no longer serves you and step into your own power?

"In order to change the printout of the body, you must learn to rewrite the software of the mind." —Deepak Chopra

Are you willing to upgrade your programming to live your best life? Book a Four Feathers Plan below. Together we will honor these blockages with acceptance; release, clear and eliminate them; and replace them with Inspired Empowering Wisdom. Once your beliefs are upgraded to Empowering Wisdom, you transmit and attract a higher frequency and are on your way to create your best and happiest, healthiest life, your most Joyful and Optimal YOU. I am here to assist you on this transformational healing journey and serve as the catalyst and conduit for you. Please see Blogs for more information and descriptions of Energy Healing Therapies. Have a joyful day!

                ॐ Infinite Joy Healing ∞☯

🦋  ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Practitioner

🦋  Advanced EFT and MRT Specialist

🦋  Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner

🦋  Reiki Master

🦋  Consultant

🦋  Holistic Health & Wellness Advocate to Balance Mind, Body, Spirit


Why Infinite Joy Healing?

It can help with

Health & Wellness

Clear beliefs and even inherited energies that contributed to disease or hold you back from healthy habits. Balance your Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness.

Wealth & Money

Money is an energy. Remove limiting beliefs about receiving money, what you deserve and are worthy of, and download beliefs that attract abundance. Improve your relationship with money and allow its currency to flow as well as create wealth.

Life Vision

Let go of what holds you back from creating and living the life of your dreams. Upgrade your belief systems to create the life you desire.

Love, Family & Social Relationships

Find memories and beliefs that prevent you from forgiving and being happy with yourself first. Self love is key to any amazing relationship. Release traumas and beliefs that caused fear of rejection, betrayal, abandonment, being unloved. Upgrade  to programs of self worth, love, forgiveness, joy. 


Do you love your career? Does it nourish your soul? Clarify what you want, improve your current career or change to one that better suits you with energy healing.


Stress lowers the immune response and leads to life-threatening diseases. EFT and ThetaHealing reduce stress, clear negative emotions, heal and restore balance.



"Joy's healing techniques have been instrumental in clearing blockages and removing layers of physical and emotional pain. She is extremely patient and uses multiple methods to work through my issues. I highly recommend her energy healing."

— Erin Elliott


White Rose Session
  30 Minutes $77

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